When Your Coffee Table Doubles as a Workout Bench, You’re Officially Out of Excuses

The Habit makes furniture that gets you OFF your ass

September 6, 2017 9:00 am

Nearly eight million people live in Hong Kong, and the average citizen lives in a space that’s less than 470 square feet. That’s only three times the size of a standard U.S. prison cell, to put it grimly. Granted, certain stateside cities are subjected to similar constrictions (cough New York, cough San Francisco), but as far as North America goes they’re more the exception than the rule. 

But when tiny spaces are your reality, then you come up with all sorts of ways to maximize what you’re working with.

For two designers, that meant figuring out the logistics of staying fit while having no space to spare for equipment. Their collection, in response to that very problem, is now up on Kickstarter. The Habit Furniture, as it’s called, is comprised of a coffee table that doubles as a workout bench and comes complete with a set of dumbbells.

habit (5 images)

The wood is laminated walnut plywood with a polygonal shape that resembles a bridge. Flip the bench over and the diagonal legs form a support that’s padded with a thin, black vinyl cushion that’s undetectable when used as a table (or table bench).

The Habit set comes with an excercise workout book, but the hexagon-shaped dumbbells can be used for a variety of lifts, supported push-ups and other variations depending on your fitness goals. 

And staying fit is, in itself, also a space saver.

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