The Golden Age of Cannabis-Infused Sex Is Upon Us

It's time to welcome weed into the bedroom

cannabis and sex
Cannabis may be just what your sex life is missing.

As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread along with the growing CBD trend and the increasing rise of more progressive sexual attitudes, it was only a matter of time before weed took hold in the bedroom.

While combining sex and drugs isn’t exactly a new idea, an influx of new THC- and CBD-infused sexual wellness products have provided new opportunities for sex and cannabis to intermingle in the bedroom. Sex writer Maria Del Russo explores this new era of cannabis in the bedroom in a recent piece for Gossamer, detailing the many ways people are introducing cannabis into their sex lives.

According to Del Russo, cannabis in the bedroom is more than just the latest novelty for the CBD set. Rather, she argues, cannabis could have “life-altering” effects on people’s sex lives.

“Cannabis addresses the things that get in the way of pleasure, connection, and intimacy,” Ashley Manta, sexologist and founder of the brand Cannasexual, told Del Russo.

This can involve physical, mental and emotional benefits, from cannabis-infused bath oils and lubricants that can increase physical sensation to the use of vape pens that can help ease the physiological and psychological effects of sex-related anxieties especially for those dealing with PTSD from past sexual trauma.

“While cannabis and sex may be taboo subjects on their own,” writes Del Russo, “when put together, the outcome is as universally beneficial as it gets.”

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