Review: Therabody’s New Smart Wearable Is Our Go-To Relaxation Tool

Can’t sleep? Anxious? Hungover? SmartGoggles can help.

February 2, 2023 10:21 am
Therabody SmartGoggles, on a blue background
My favorite hangover cure.

When we’re recuperating from a grueling workout or rough hangover (you know, two very similar situations!), you’ll find us reaching for one (or more) of our favorite recovery products. Oftentimes, those tools are made by Therabody.

The recovery brand — formally known as Theragun — rebranded in 2020 to Therabody, with the aim of expanding its product line beyond its world-renowned percussive therapy device (the Theragun). At the time of its rebrand, the tech wellness company launched a full-spectrum hemp CBD product line for recovery, called TheraOne. A year later, Therabody entered the compression therapy game with its RecoveryAir Leg Compression Boots. Then in May of this year, it finally went neck up with the release of its TheraFace Pro, an impressive eight-in-on facial device.

However, no release has been quite as colossal as Therabody’s September 2022 drop, which featured seven new self-care products designed to target various facets of consumers’ wellness and lifestyles, particularly as it pertains to performance, pain management, stress and sleep. The new product offerings were also quite indicative of Therabody’s pursuit of becoming a complete mind-body wellness brand.

Of the new wellness technologies, a standout from the brand was its Therabody SmartGoggles — a wearable facial device (which looks like a high-tech sleep mask or VR headset). SmartGoggles uses the company’s trademarked SmartSense Technology that fuses a biometric heart rate sensor with vibration, heat and massage settings. Essentially, the goggles create customized treatments to help lower stress, ease headaches and eye strain and help you get to sleep. 

Of the new seven items, the SmartGoggles intrigued us the most. And while we were able to take them for a short test run back in September we recently got our hands on a pair for long-term testing. 

The specs:

  • 14.8 oz
  • 3.7” (when folded) 8.3” x 4.7” (when in use)
  • Cotton fabric strap, protein leather fabric front and interior panels 
  • 150-minute battery life (depending on mode)
  • Includes a protective, soft case to store the device

What works:

  • I’ve renamed my pair of SmartGoggles to my HangoverGoggles. A steadfast hangover symptom I’ve come to know is a pounding headache that can last for hours. So the morning after a booze-fueled night out where I forgot to properly hydrate, I reach for these babies and wait for the Ibuprofen to kick in. The heat, vibration and massage settings work in harmony to soothe tension in my head (and also help with occasional eye strain from staring at screens all day). Is it a cure-all? No (I definitely require drugs). But it provides lovely temporary relief and keeps my brain free of hangxiety spirals. 
  • I’m lazy and don’t love having to download an extra app onto my phone, but the Therabody app, which is compatible with the SmartGoggles and other Therabody devices like the Theragun, really elevates the SmartGoggles experience. The app is chock full of personalized programs to increase relaxation, and help you focus or fall asleep. The preset modes are essentially mini-meditation sessions that sync with the goggles and feature science-backed audio tracks to help you achieve your desired headspace. You can, of course, use your SmartGoggles sans the app and manually choose your heat, vibration and massage settings, but I feel the specialized programs allow me to thoroughly sit back and unwind. 
  • The smart wearable also tracks your heart rate. It’s another cool feature you can access via the Therabody app. After finishing one of the treatments, you can view how much your BPM has lowered. 
  • Speaking of: as an anxiety-reducing tool, these are come in handy. I’ve found meditative practices are effective in managing my anxiety, so the SmartGoggles have helped calm me down in moments of high stress.

What kind of works (or needs work):

  • The goggles fold in the middle and nicely pack into their protective case, but while in use, they’re a sizeable device. It’s why I haven’t ventured outside my room with them. I’m sure they’d be a worthwhile flying companion but I’ll admit, I’ve been hesitant to whip them out in coach due to their bulkiness. Maybe they’d work better in business.
  • My favorite feature of the SmartGoggles is the heating function. It reminds me of the TheraFace Pro’s hot ring attachment, which, along with the cold facial therapy ring, helps reduce puffiness, tension and inflammation around the face. Every time I reach for my SmartGoggles I wish there was a cooling function. Maybe it’s a nitpicky criticism, but as someone who ice rolls their face every morning, enjoys a cooling gel eye mask and – when the headaches are really bad — plops an ice pack on my face, a cooling mode would take the smart wearable to a whole new level. 

Final thoughts: 

Therabody’s SmartGoggles should be viewed as a wellness luxury. Unlike the brand’s top-rated Theragun, which I find to be a necessity if you work out regularly or have an injury, you don’t absolutely need the face wearable. However, if you suffer from chronic headaches or high-stress levels, the goggles have shown themselves, in my experience, to be an immensely helpful tool. Whenever I’m experiencing anxiety or a migraine, I’m comforted by the fact that I can strap my SmartGoggles on, put on a short meditation sesh and get straight to relaxing. 

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