Review: The TheraFace Pro Delivers Way More Than Just Percussive Therapy

Psst! It also makes for a stellar holiday gift.

May 3, 2022 8:47 am
The Therabody TheraFace Pro, a new skincare device
The only luxury skincare item you should be gifting this season.

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When Therabody announced it’d be venturing into the facial health space with a new device called the TheraFace Pro, I was intrigued and a bit surprised. Why was Therabody, a company that sells massage therapy devices and other recovery products, tossing its hat into the extremely crowded skincare ring?

When I think of recovery, I guess I stupidly leave my face out of the equation. But the reality is our faces hold a lot of stress, which can result in acne, wrinkles, dry, tired or puffy-looking skin. When we release that built-up tension with a facial massage or a tool like a face roller, not only do we feel more relaxed but some studies have shown our skin ends up looking healthier and more rejuvenated. 

Also, it turns out consumers were already using their Theraguns as facial massagers. A Therabody representative explained during an educational session for the TheraFace Pro I attended, that a lot of Therabody’s consumer base was using the Theragun Mini and an attachment called ‘SuperSoft’ to treat above the neck. That knowledge gave founder Dr. Jason Werlsand the opportunity to delve right into developing a percussive facial tool. 

For the past few days, I’ve been testing the TheraFace Pro on my own stress-ridden face. Here’s what I found:

It’s an eight-in-one facial device (yes, eight)

Before I got my hands on the TheraFace Pro, I admittedly didn’t do much research about it. I took what I knew about Therabody and assumed it was simply a facial massager. But percussive therapy is just a sliver of what this multifaceted gadget can do — and maybe its least interesting component. 

Therabody has essentially built a device that streamlines our extensive grooming routines. Not only does it massage, but it cleanses, offers microcurrent facials, LED light treatments and even hot and cold therapies. You get eight treatments all in this one device. 

So what’s included in your TheraFace Pro purchase?

Along with the TheraFace PRO body itself, which is a sleek, handheld, portable device available in black or white, you’ll get a stand to display your TheraFace, a USB charger, a tube of TheraOne Conductive Gel and a convenient travel bag to stow the device and six magnetic attachments, three of which are percussive agents sporting different shapes: Flat, Micro-Point and Cone. These three attachments are designed to target and relieve tension in the jaw, face, neck forehead and nose. (The Cone attachment, in particular, fits perfectly in the crevice between your nose and eyelids to target stuffy sinuses!)

These percussive therapy accessories can also be paired with other TheraFace Pro attachments, like the LED Light Ring which offers three different modes of light therapy treatment: Red light therapy, blue light therapy and red+infrared light therapy. These separate therapies work to target specific facial needs, like wrinkles and acne. 


The Microcurrent Ring attachment, which you use in tandem with TheraOne Conductive Gel (any conductive gel will also work with the device), offers a lightly stimulating, but extremely soothing experience, that helps to tighten and plump the skin. 

Finally, you have a classic cleansing ring, which might not seem like much, however, I’ve tested my fair share of cleansing devices and feel like the TheraFace Pro is deeply digging out all the makeup, dirt and pollution seeped into my pores without being too rough on my face (a problem I’ve had with other devices.) Even on its highest setting, the cleansing ring is soft against my skin. 

Okay, we’re not done quite yet. The last two attachments — the TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings — are actually sold separately from the TheraFace Pro device, and are priced at $99. They’re powered by Therabody’s cryothermal tech and, not gonna lie, are pretty sweet. The Hot Ring is designed to increase blood flow and decrease pain. I use it for headache relief, like a heating pad for your face. While the Cold Ring is my hangover cure that rectifies my puffiness (the girls that get it, get it.)

So is it worth its $399-$499 price tag?

The TheraFace Pro, unsurprisingly, flaunts a steep price tag. Though, I’d argue you’re getting quite a bit of bang for your buck with this all-in-one, portable device. Emphasis on the portable here. 

There are a lot of fancy skincare gadgets and gizmos you can splurge on that’ll help you bring the spa to your home, but how many can you travel with? Similar to Therabody’s Theragun Mini, the portability of the TheraFace Pro is ingenious and hella convenient. When are our stress levels high? When do we need to decompress? When do we look like shit the most? Often when we’re traveling, jet-lagged and have had one too many margs at some all-inclusive resort. In these moments, the TheraFace Pro will be your skin’s saving grace. 

Now, if you’re content with the skincare routine you have, you probably don’t need to spend upwards of five hundred dollars on this device. But if you frequent your facialist, experience tension in your face or just want to take better care of your skin, then the TheraFace Pro is a no-brainer. (Not to mention, it’d make an impressive gift for the lady in your life.)

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