Peloton Makes Foray Into Gaming With Lanebreak

Physical fitness meets a "Tron"-esque aesthetic

Peloton's Lanebreak in action.

During the pandemic, a lot of people have bought devices from Peloton. (A lot.) As is often the case with a growing company, Peloton seems to be expanding into different spaces — some of them a little more unexpected than others. They’ve made headlines for their relatively high streaming payments to artists, for instance. And this week brings with it the news that Peloton is also rolling out a video game for its users — and in this case, that “rolling” is meant very literally.

At The Verge, Ashley Carman has news of the game, which is known as Lanebreak. “The game’s vibe and interface reminds me of the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, with a track trailing off into the universe,” Carman wrote, and noted that the game is organized around goals and challenges.

Peloton’s own announcement offers more details, including the way that the game integrates music and allows participants to compare their scores with other users. It’s designed for Bike and Bike+ users, and sounds like it’s meant as an alternative to taking classes — and a way for Peloton to appeal to an audience for whom games might resonate.

The announcement doesn’t have much information on when the game will be widely available. Peloton notes that they’re currently “testing an early version of the game with Members in their homes as we speak.” It’s an interesting move for the company, and a first step in an unexpected direction.

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