Lululemon Dropped a Self Care Line to Solve All Your “Sweaty Problems”

We finally have a solution for hot yoga face


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If there’s one thing I’m most concerned about after finishing a hard workout, it’s not how sore I’m going to be the next day or how I’m going to avoid the creepy dude who has been staring at me from across the gym — it’s how sweaty and gross I look. Well, thankfully Lululemon has answered, not just mine, but all of our prayers with a skincare line to meant to address that very issue. 

The products are said to be the “solutions to sweaty problems,” like hot yoga face, HIIT hair (which I’ve just learned means High-intensity interval training) and eau de burpees. The line includes a no-show dry shampoo, two anti-stink deodorants, a face moisturizer, and lip balm. All products are sweat-tested, leakproof (no gym bag spillage), cruelty-free and clean — meaning they contain no irritants like aluminum, gluten, parabens, and sulfates.

While sweaty problems might not be the #1 issue concerning you at the moment, we all like to feel fresh while we sweat and afterward. And if anyone knows a thing or two about comfortably sweating, it’s Lululemon.

Shop the collection here.

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