The Ultimate Equipment-Free Workout, Courtesy of Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer

You can do this five-exercise, 20-minute circuit anywhere

September 5, 2018 9:00 am

No matter your age, the season or how many times you go back to it, the well of excuses to skip working out never runs dry. The most potent of the bunch? “Going to the gym is a hassle.”

Whether you’re traveling or it’s just been a long day, if you can’t hit the free weights or your favorite machine, it’s not worth working out, right? Couldn’t be more wrong.

An equipment-free (and monetarily free) workout can be just as effective, provided you do it right. In service of that, we recruited Luke Zocchi — the longtime personal trainer for Chris Hemsworth and creator of both the Twenty40 program and Sipp Instant coffee and tea — to put together a full-body, bodyweight routine you can complete anywhere.

Says Luke: “You will be working everything from your legs and core, all the way up to your arms and shoulders. If you’re time poor, this is the perfect workout to do before or after work — no gym needed!”

Luke Zocchi (3 images)


The workout takes just 20 minutes total. Each exercise = around one minute of work.

Beginner: Work for 20 seconds, rest for 40 seconds
Intermediate: Work for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds
Advanced: Work for 40 seconds, rest for 30 seconds


  1. Squats: Back straight, knees in-line with toes, lower while engaging the core.
  2. Lunges: Shoulders above hips, lunge forward with front knee directly above the ankle. Drive back up with weight in the heel.
  3. Burpees: Place hands on the floor, jump feet back, do a push-up, jump feet forward, then jump straight up.
  4. Bear crawls: Pushup position, knees at 90 degrees and under your hips. Crawl forward with your core engaged, alternating hands and feet. Can be done in place.
  5. Kick sits: Squatting down with hands planted on the ground in front, rotate 90 degrees to the left, kicking out the right leg, then rotate 180 degrees to the right, kicking out the left leg, then 180 degrees back to your original position.

Repeat the full circuit four times, et voila, you’re done. And probably painfully gassed. Good for you.

All photos courtesy of Zoco Body Pro

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