How to Stay in Shape From the Safety of Your Home

Might need to change that exercise routine up for the next little while

How to Stay in Shape From the Safety of Your Home

Last week, we wrote a guide to being the most hygienic person at your gym. In the COVID-19 era, it isn’t enough to out-sweat everyone else during a workout; you should care just as deeply about mopping up that sweat (from mats, touch screens and free weights) with antibacterial wipes.

But as the coronavirus continues to spread and we continue to enter uncharted territory — Italy shut down every public establishment aside from supermarkets and pharmacies yesterday — it’s understandable that you’d rather just skip spin class or CrossFit, and it’s increasingly unlikely that fitness centers will even be allowed to continue operating. Gyms across the country have been sending out emails promising they’re following every precaution to keep surfaces, equipment and locker rooms clean, but in a time of such uncertainty, those words hold little meaning.

Meanwhile, it’s a great time to own a home work-out system like a Peloton bike, or The Mirror. The popularity for these machines has been directly related to their content connection: unlike a dusty indoor rower or attic elliptical, newfangled home wellness equipment feature videos and encouragement from real trainers. In a time where motivation is low, but distraction is imperative, that’s a huge boon. If you don’t have such a machine but want to stay in shape from the quarantined comfort of your own home, consider a subscription to Obé, which proffers on-demand classes in boxing and yoga, Tempo (an apparatus similar to The Mirror), a daily-updated workout service like Centr.

You can also just keep it simple. Put in some core work on a yoga mat. Hit the track and run the straights hard, jogging the turns, over eight laps. Wear a pair of grippy gloves and do pull-ups at the closest jungle gym. You have options that don’t involved dodging sneezes at the squat rack.

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