How Did Chris Hemsworth Get So Big? Try Out His Exact Regimen.

The 37-year-old actor is set to drop his full, detailed training program on the app he co-founded

Hemsworth regimen
Your journey begins this Monday.

When Chris Hemsworth’s Centr health app launched in mid-2019, the pitch was simple: train like Chris. The affable Aussie is a leading face in Hollywood’s sustainable fitness revolution, a wave largely fueled by the Marvel machine, which has compelled guys like Kumail Nanjiani, Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt to get into the best shape of their lives at middle-age.

Hemsworth’s approach has stood out, though, for its sustainability, balance and fun. Historically, movie stars have gotten into superhuman shape through superhuman means: they don’t eat bread for six months, they get woken up by a team of highly trained and well-compensated wellness professionals every day, or they inject a mysterious compound into their rear ends. Hemsworth is a pioneer of a new sort of workout-life balance: he surfs, he eats big, colorful meals, he spends a lot of time traveling with his family. That relaxed open-mindedness has bled into his workouts, too, where there’s an emphasis on bodyweight circuits, floor movements, flexibility and creative “shock the body” affairs, whether on a beach or in his backyard.

From the outset, the appeal of Centr was getting access to the same circle of friends and fitness gurus that Hemsworth relies on — the group of people who set him on this path in the first place. They’re an eclectic group: ex-Navy SEALs, professional ballet dancers, Michelin chefs and world-renowned yogis.

With the app’s latest program, though, the focus has shifted ever so slightly. Instead of training “like Chris,” with an assist from his inner-ish circle, it’s time to train exactly like Chris, with an assist from his most inner circle: his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, and his personal stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton. Dropping this Monday, June 21st, the new regimen — dubbed Centr Power — will replicate the precise routines and maneuvers any Joe Schmoe needs to build a Thor-worthy physique.

According to Zocchi, the Centr team has been working on this concept for a long time. He tells InsideHook, “Centr members have been asking for this style of program since the app launched.” That isn’t too surprising; while the masses appear to appreciate Hemsworth’s healthy approach to, well, health, there’s an obvious initial draw here. The guy’s absolutely yoked. Hemsworth seems to fill out his 6’3″ frame with the ease of someone a half-foot shorter. And thus the people want to know: How the hell does he do it?

Centr Power, Zocchi says, was designed to mimic “the style of training [he and Chris] use when prepping for movie roles.” This regimen, which features a mixture of Zocchi and Hanton performing each move and guiding users through workouts, is explicitly intended to produce serious muscle gains. If you’re looking to get bigger, no matter your age, you’ve come to the right place.

Still, Zocchi maintains that Centr won’t veer too far from its core philosophies in order to help you meet that goal. “This isn’t a ‘get ripped quick’ scheme,” he says. “We’re not going to tell you that you’ll double in size overnight — you need to put in the work to see results.” To that point, this really is a commitment. The program is broken down into various phases, each of which is 10 weeks long. But stick with it, and Zocchi expects trainees to be “lifting at an advanced level in less than eight months.”

Along the way, Zocchi and Hanton will hammer home a few concepts beyond how to grip an EZ barbell. Like: starting small, learning how to surprise the body to avoid plateaus, and appreciating rest’s role in building muscle. Not to mention, nutrition. “The program includes a detailed handbook that outlines the serious portions you’ll need to eat to gain this kind of size,” Zocchi says.

I’ve used Centr extensively in the past, but mostly in a rogue, choose-your-adventure sort of way. It’s legit. Great interface, expert advice, well-timed workouts. But the extra bit of hand-holding — plus adding that progressive “journey” aspect to it — is a great way to convince people that they’re not too out of their depth, and can actually aspire to the admittedly lofty expectations. Oh, and because no wellness pitch is complete without a good “before and after,” check out Hanton — who was already an absolute bruiser before doing this program — stunting after a few months of workout out exactly like Chris.

Trust us, you’ll get there. It all starts Monday. Head here for more information on signing up.

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