Here’s How to Recreate Chris Hemsworth’s Eight-Step ‘Thor’ Workout

One hammer-throwing Norse god physique, please

By The Editors
March 14, 2017 9:00 am

If your job is portraying a viking God descended from Odin himself, you better look the part.

The best way to do that? For Chris Hemsworth, who’s currently training for the titular role in Thor: Ragnarok, it involves 40 straight minutes of high-intensity interval training courtesy of Zoco Body Pro. Zoco is headed by Luke Zucchi, whose Twenty40 training program is geared to help time-pressed folks gain lean body mass in 20 days via quick bursts of extreme exercise and a low-carb diet, which he creates himself.

Hemsworth recently posted a supercut of one of their training sessions on Instagram, and it’s intense. From what we can tell, these are the exercises involved.

1. Barbell Curls
Method: Squat and pick up the barbell and do 10-15 curls
Good for: Arm strength and core

2. Front Rows
Method: Chest against the rest, pull the weights toward your pecs
Good for: Arms and back

3. Beast Crawls
Method: All fours in a condensed downward dog, with your rump high and core engaged. Crawl forward three paces and then back three paces. Do this 10 times.
Good for: Core, cardio and stability

4. Resistance Cycling
Method: Set it into a tight gear and pedal at full bore
Good for: Cardio

5. Tethered Medicine Ball Throws
Method: Basically a game of catch with a medicine ball and resistance bands. The tethered person sidesteps with each throw.
Good for: Stability, core and cardio

6. Tethered (or resistance) Push-Ups
Method: Either with a TRX or a tether, do 10-12 push-ups
Good for: Core, back, arms and shoulders

7. Leg Lifts
Method: Using a pull-up bar, stay suspended and lift your leg perpendicular to your torso 10 times. Then repeat the same exercise, this time keeping your knees folded and twisting left or right with each repetition.
Good for: Core, obliques, stability, lower back and legs

8. Rope Slams
Method: Wave the ropes up and down — alternating right and left — at high intensity for one minute 
Good for: 
Arms, cardio and stability

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