Deal: Bose’s “AirPods for Athletes” Are $80 Off Right Now

For the sake of earbud hygiene, you could use a pair

Deal: Bose’s “AirPods for Athletes” Are $80 Off Right Now

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Whether you love or hate the AirPods that sit in your ears all day, you probably shouldn’t be bringing them to your workout. There are silicone covers on Amazon that can lend a little more grip to Apple’s plastic earbuds, but at their base level, AirPods aren’t built for sweaty hours in the gym or on the road.

From a practical (and hygiene) standpoint, you deserve a separate pair of headphones for when you’re not taking business calls. We recommend the Bose SoundSport Free. Their factory renewed option is $80 off right now, down to a very affordable (in the headphones space, at least) $120, and these puppies were designed expressly with working out in mind. They’re ludicrously water-resistant, are constructed with specialized “sport tips,” to make sure they don’t fall out of your ears, play for up to five hours, and have Bose’s trademark, volume-optimized sound.

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