Here Are 108 Countries, Ranked by Average Breast Size

One country is wayyy out ahead of the pack

June 27, 2016 9:00 am

Today in missed job opportunities: 

The Journey of Female Health Sciences just published a massive global survey that will provide lingerie companies with an unprecedented data set on the variance of breast size, shape and nipple orientation.

Yes, nipple orientation.

Sophomoric snickering about boobs and research and how awesome that is aside, the results, which surveyed some 400,000 women in 108 countries, constitute groundbreaking insight for an industry that has long lacked transparency and regulation on a global level.

Every breast is unique — not only in terms of volume, but also shape, position and a host of other factors — and understanding what makes them unique will help the fashion world design more comfortable, supportive bras that will presumably lead to more comfortable, supportive women.

And because you were wondering, here are the results of the study, as ordered by breast volume in mL:

Let freedom (of the nipple) ring.

Graphic via Samuel W. Bennett
Image via NBC

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