Deal: The Withings Sale at Amazon Is Good for Your Health and Wallet

Save up to 37% off a selection of sleep trackers, smart scales and digital thermometers

Withings Body+ - Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale, now on sale at Amazon
Withings Body+ - Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale, now just $69 at Amazon

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It’s not a cure-all, but technology can be good for your health — at least, if we’re talking about smart scales, sleep trackers and no-contact thermometers, which are all apart of the Withings sale at Amazon, with savings up to 37% off for a limited time.

Most of these devices can work within your preferred tech ecosphere (e.g. Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit) but also provide the right information without the need to check your phone.

Withings Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad, now 37% off at Amazon
The Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is 37% off

Some sale highlights:

  • Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer: $100 $65
  • Withings Body+ Digital Wifi Smart Scale: $100 $69
  • Withings Sleep Tracking Pad: $100 $63
  • Withings / Nokia | Steel HR Sport Smartwatch (40mm, renewed): $200 $153

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