Tudor Channels Its Naval Past for the Latest Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watch

The “Navy Blue” Fifty-Eight adds much-needed color to the lineup

Tudor Navy Blue Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watch

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While it is undeniably true that the popular Black Bay series from Tudor got its start as an affordable alternative to its big brother, the venerable Rolex Submariner, it is also undeniably true that the Black Bay has come in to its own as a line of watches with its own impressive heritage and understated sense of cool.

Tudor has done much to expand the line in recent years, and they’re at it again today, with the announcement of the “Navy Blue” edition, adding its proprietary blue to the dial and bezel while drawing on the company’s navy past.

As the company notes, the blue harkens back to Tudor watches worn by the French navy in the 1970s. If military pedigree doesn’t matter to you, this is the first time color has been added to both the bezel and the dial, making this a more distinctive wear, especially considering you can pick it up with a metal bracelet or a fabric or synthetic strap, with prices running an agreeable $3,375 to $3,700.

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