If Steve McQueen Designed a Wristwatch …

Straton: Timepieces inspired by the Golden Age of auto racing

February 23, 2017 9:00 am

Before The Fast and Furious (and its faster, um, furious-er sequels), there was Two-Lane Blacktop. The Gumball Rally. Le Mans.

And The Car, which was once perfectly described as “Jaws on wheels.” A must-watch.

Point being: the ‘70s were pretty much the pinnacle of American racing-car culture.

Bringing back the glory days: Straton Watch Co., a timemaker decidedly inspired by classic cars and the (good) style decisions of the Me Decade.

At launch, they’ve got a great new racing-themed chronograph, and also a handsome leather bag to go with it.

Watches (5 images)

SWC was started in 2015 by a 31-year old classic car/watch enthusiast and veteran of two previously successful crowdfunded timepiece campaigns, the Vintage Driver Chrono and Curve Chrono watches.

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Straton Syncro is a ‘70s-inspired driver-diver chronograph that comes in two styles: a chequered racing bezel and a dive bezel with 20ATM water resistance.

Best of all, you can customize these timepieces in myriad ways, be it case size (40 or 44mm), movement (NE88 automatic or VK64 meca-quartz), with or without date window and your choice of two of 11 racing-inspired NATO straps

You’ll also get a durable vintage watch case to store your timepiece and extra straps.

Bags (2 images)

And what better way to hit the road like the Bandit than with a groovy duffel? The sporty Straton Weekender Bag, also available for preorder, is made from genuine leather and a leather/canvas mix, and comes with racing-inspired stripes. The bags and watches are available until March 5, with packages priced from $300-$1,400 (about 30% off the future retail value).

Get ready for a nostalgic rush of blood to the head.

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