Turn Your Wrist Into a Vegas Diner With This Neon Watch

It looks dangerous, but it’s not. We hope ...

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

With all due respect to helium, argon, krypton, xenon and radon, of all the noble gases on the periodic table, we’ve always held good old neon in the highest regard. Unfortunately, there’s never really been a way to wear our affection for neon, sports fan-like, on our person.

Enter: the NIWA Nixie tube wristwatch.

Made of two glass nixie tubes filled with neon gas that also contain stacked decimal digits made from wire, the Nixie is a handsome timepiece with a case made of machined aluminium. The retro-looking ticker shows only two digits at a time, so it displays the time sequentially (hours, minutes, seconds) and only lights up when you lift it (thank the gyro sensor for that).

Neon Watch (4 images)

Fully rechargeable via its USB port, the ticker has enough juice to last for up to six days at a time, takes about three hours to charge and produces no noise or heat while operating. The watches are available in two colors for a shade over $400 and ship worldwide for free.

If a nixie tube watch is good enough for Steve Wozniak, we guess it’s good enough for us.

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