Strap Happy

By The Editors
April 16, 2013 9:00 am

It may come as news, but men seek to simplify.

When’s the last time you heard a guy say y’know, I’d really just like to complicate my life?

No time. None of the times did you hear that.

So get back to basics, at least where watches are concerned, with the gorgeously spartan Miró, available now.

From the land of the Cuckoo and named after Catalonian painter Joan Miró (cheat sheet: he painted surreal minimalism, which is a thing) Mirós are clean and simple. The perfect business casual watch.

So you’re getting simple features here. No GPS, no laser hands, no chronometers. Just a slightly domed lens, strong leather strap and overall lightweight design.

In other words, timeless and designed to fit any wardrobe, from T-shirt casual to business formal.

Each Miró is available in a combo of three straps (honey, chocolate, nature) and dial colors (black, creme, grey). And they all go for the same minimalist price: around $200, with free international shipping.

Because getting the right time should be a simple task.

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