The Beauty Is in the Details of the Latest Q Timex Watch

The 1978 Reissue takes a different tack for the quartz revival line

The new Q Timex 1978 Reissue quartz watch with a black leather strap on a grey background
To the untrained eye, the new Q Timex is plain. To the rest of us it's a keeper.

When Timex launched its Q Timex line, the affordable watchmaker didn’t want to fly under the radar. It wanted to cash in on its own Pepsi bezel, celebrate its archival designs and stop quartz from being a dirty word in the watch world. Those goals have certainly been achieved, with Timex seeing huge success in its retro timepieces.

Now, Timex seems ready to reign things with today’s launch of the the Q Timex 1978 Reissue. Instead of all the vintage-inspired details adding up to an eye-catching cacophony, these watches remain substantially subdued.

On its face, the 1978 Reissue, which undercuts the other watches in price at just $169, looks almost plain with its stainless-steel case and black leather strap (it’s also smaller at just 35mm compared to the 38mm size of other Q Timex watches). But lean in close and you’ll see why it’s worth a spot on your wrist: the slight texturing of the silver-tone dial, the faceted and hand-applied hour markers, the delightfully oblique date window amplified with a black outline — even the “Q” above the Timex name is thinner and less pronounced than previous models.

Some may say this watch is modest, but I’d counter that it’s just discerning. 

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