Just an Idyllic Settlement of Swiss Cabins You Can Rent

The hills are alive with the sound of ... Bluetoothed songs

September 27, 2017 9:00 am

You’ve seen the typical Alpine cabin: It’s Swiss, it’s made entirely of wood, and it looks ready to burn down to kindling. Small windows look out on to incredibly verdant fields and allow in the sound of milk cows and their bells. It’s heaven. But … you might be thinking you could do better on the housing front. 

whitepods (4 images)

Whitepods has an idea for an entirely different experience of the Alps. They’re less a revision of the prototypical Swiss cabin as they are a solid upgrade of a tent. Guests at this collection of domes in the Valais — a ski-crazy, French-speaking region of Switzerland — each have their own, expansive balcony, suitable for mountain-viewing.  The “pods,” as they’re called, come in three different design experiences. Our top choice is the “Swiss pod suite,” which incorporates all the elements of those traditional Swiss cabins we like best into the finished product, with wooden walls and cow bells. Also included is a sauna and a pellet stove. We also quite like the Forest pod suite, which is decorated with birch trees and includes a hammock and “nest” bed. We’re less convinced about the 007 suite, which invites guests to “immerse yourself in the world of the famous British agent for a night or more.” 

Whichever pod you choose, a nightly dinner is booked automatically with your reservation — to be taken in a nearby restaurant or via “pod service” straight to your door. 


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