Buy That Ticket to Japan: Tokyo Is the World’s Safest City

Assuming no devastating nuke strike from North Korea, obvs

October 12, 2017 9:00 am

Here’s the weird thing about Tokyo: it’s one of the most sensorially overwhelming places on Earth. Incredibly dense, visually arresting, full of noise and light and spectacle. 

And yet, compare it to cities around the world that offer less of a contrast for the average western traveler — like London, Paris or Rome — and despite all of Tokyo’s energy and buzz, it feels incredibly safe. 

That feeling can now be backed up by research: the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index — which measures “health security, infrastructure safety, personal safety, as well as digital security” — has named Tokyo the safest city in the world, beating 59 other cities. San Francisco placed 15, besting all other American cities, including L.A. and New York, which came in at 18 and 21, respectively. 

The Economist’s study focused specifically on attributes pertinent to residents, though many of them will have positive knock-on effects for visitors as well. It’s a fascinating study, if at times a depressing one (one section is titled “US’s Crumbling Infrastructure“). The entire abstract is well worth a read, whether you’re looking for a vacation destination or just consider yourself a conscientious resident of a great American city.


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