A Luxury Space Hotel Promising ‘Cheap’ Vacations Is Now Booking

12-day vacations for the .0001%, cryptocurrency accepted

January 30, 2019 9:00 am

Sure, it’s minus-455 degrees in space (feel better, Chicago?). But as vacations go, you really can’t beat these views.

Dubbed “the world’s first luxury space hotel,” the Aurora Station from Orion Span will orbit 200 miles above the Earth’s surface. As part of a planned 12-day adventure, passengers will be part of a team of 12 that grows food in space, hangs out in a holodeck and orbits the Earth every 90 minutes.

As of now, the Aurora Station will launch in 2021 and host guests the following year. However, you can currently book a fully refundable ticket with an $80,000 deposit, which is but a small down payment on the actual $9.5 million cost (by comparison, a stay on the Russian-backed Roscosmos will cost upwards of $60 million). Astonishingly, several months of stays have already sold out.

Other vitals: They accept cryptocurrency. And Orion Span may subsidize part of the cost if you’re conducting an approved project in microgravity research. You’ll also need to complete a three-month training program, albeit one that was cut down from two years and you can fulfill a portion of at home.

And finally, your amenities:

  • Private suites if you’re traveling as a couple
  • High-speed wireless internet
  • And since the station is modular, actual space condos may be built and for sale in the near future

Good luck coming up with the down payment on one of those.

H/t Curbed / Photos: Orion Span


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