The 12 Essentials the Sabah Dealer Takes on Every Trip

Blazers, backgammon and airplane spritz included

(Mickey Ashmore for Insidehook)
(Mickey Ashmore for Insidehook)

A couple weeks ago, the mavens behind our favorite leather slipper, Sabah, opened their first international shop, at 50 Chiltern Street in London:

The gent with the glass and the mean blue slip-ons is Mickey Ashmore, The Sabah Dealer. He regularly canvases the globe as if starring in an Indiana Jones montage, and has a knack for making airport security bins look really, really, cool.

(If you’re yet to pull the trigger on a pair of Sabahs, you’re sorely missing out. Our Editor-in-Chief has worn his for five summers in a row, and works himself into a dizzied high whenever he discusses them. Your correspondent loves his, too.)

To celebrate his brand’s vibrant new space across the pond — which was designed by Anna Burns, and “blends elements of Tokyo vinyl bars and Oaxacan mezcalerias” — plus all the flights that brought it to the finish line, we tagged Mickey for the essentials he takes on every trip.

Below, find bags, blazers and backgammon sets, with a photo for each, all shot by the founder himself. Each item should ease the load and up the fun next time you’re walking down the jet-bridge. Safe travels, friends.

Oaxacan Blanket
“Perfect for the beach, to wrap yourself up on a plane, or to make a picnic in the park. It rolls up real small, but unfolds to a nice size. Doesn’t stay wet or hold onto much sand, has enough weight to lay flat. The perfect blanket. I bought a bunch of them in Oaxaca.”

Bogliogli Unstructured Jacket
“I’m not a formal dresser, but I like to jazz up my casual look a bit and a dark blue, unstructured blazer is the best way to do it. Bogliogli makes a great one. This one is double-breasted and I love it.”

Sabah Mist
“We created this mist with Los Poblanos from New Mexico. I use it on the plane whenever the person next to me pulls out some chicken lo mein from the JFK food court, which is wafting into my space, and I want to create my own environment.”

Drakes Scarf in Red
“Drakes has fantastic scarves. Great quality and fun, whimsical patterns. I like to accessorize.”

“Well, of course, I’m always traveling in Sabahs. They’re perfect for travel because they’re easy to pack, comfortable and can be worn in almost any situation, from beach to city exploration to a more formal event.”

The New York Times
“Print edition. I always travel with a physical newspaper and my paper of choice is the NYTimes although while in London I became very fond of the Financial Times too!”

Elderberry Syrup
“I travel a lot. I don’t often get enough rest. My immune system is down so I like to reinforce it with natural remedies. I find Elderberry syrup to work very well when I feel something coming on! That, and a proper nap.”

Sabah Traveler Bag
“We make these bags in Connecticut using high-quality, one-of-a-kind leather. It’s great for a long weekend or as a secondary bag on a longer trip. I’ve been using this bag for over 5 years now. It’s beautiful, highly functional and fits perfectly into the overhead bin when fully stuffed.”

“Because bad breath STINKS.”

Traveling Backgammon Board
“I love to bring out the backgammon board in random places and enjoy the environment — at a cafe, on a beach, in a park, on a boat, having a cocktail before dinner. It’s the perfect way to pass the time on a trip.”

Disposable Camera
“Because it’s nice to take photos, forget about the camera, develop it six months later and smile at the forgotten memories!”

“Plus … an extra pair of Sabahs.”

Inline images via Mickey Ashmore


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