You Can Now Have a Whole Damn Dreamliner to Yourself

Air travel the way it was always meant to be

October 4, 2016 9:00 am

We’re that much closer to the day when the super-super-rich criss-cross the skies in their luxury airliners, while everybody else awaits the typhoon/fracking earthquake/super-storm that destroys whatever remains of our cities. If you’ve seen Elysiumyou know how this ends…. 

For the moment, though, we have exciting news for the .001%! It comes in the form of Boeing Dreamliner, the widebody twin-engine jet now available for the ever-more-private lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

The Dreamliner, which can seat up to nearly 300 economy passengers under normal conditions, has been reconfigured by Kestrel Aviation Management to transport just a handful, who’d have the run of the cabin’s 2,400 square feet. 

The bedroom, with its California king-size bed, is sound-proofed. A dressing room houses a 42-inch video screen and a refrigerator; the bathroom’s shower stall is 15 square feet. There’s even a sleeping space for the nannies, a lay-flat premium-economy space with 18 beds. 

Best of all: Given this minimal load, the Dreamliner can travel 9,000 miles without refueling. That means less mixing with the hoi polloi on the ground. 

Looks pretty sweet. 


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