You Can Now Sleep in a Giant Potato Airbnb for $200 a Night

Leave it to Idaho

Unique Airbnb Home Rental

It was only a matter of time before someone turned a giant potato into an Airbnb.

Idaho just beat Ireland to the punch, with its new six-ton, steel-and-concrete spud, commissioned by the Idaho Potato Commission to market a vegetable we were all going to eat regardless. It’s called the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, and you can currently stay in it overnight for the round sum of $200 a night.

The 28-foot-long potato is currently sitting on 400 acres of private farmland  in South Boise, but it’s been all over America, touring the country from the back of the Idaho Potato Commission’s semi truck for six straight years. The commission almost scrapped the thing, until tiny living extraordinaire Kristie Wolfe suggested turning it into a livable, bookable property. She’s put beds in snowcats and fire lookouts, so outfitting a giant blob of starch came relatively easy. The place looks comfortable, if a little claustrophobic, and you can book it here.


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