Patagonia’s Got a Million-Star Dome Hotel. See You There.

The world's "first geodesic hotel room" awaits your arrival

February 27, 2018 9:00 am

Worry — rightfully — as we must about the future of Mother Nature, let’s never forget what’s so great about her in the first place:

Abundant organic material bursting, jutting, crawling, poking, cascading, creeping, flowing and crumbling out of the earth.

And it’s exactly that kind of wild landscape you’ll find at EcoCamp Patagonia, purveyor of South American adventure travel trips and mountainside hospitality since 2001, when they earned the distinction of having the “world’s first geodesic hotel room,” a form reportedly inspired by ancient indigenous shelters of the region.

chile (2 images)

Book a visit to the picturesque hotel and you have at hand yoga, hiking, cycling, fishing and other excursions, as well as amenities on site like a bar and a team of chauffeurs or “drivers at the end of the world” to help you cross the miles between sites.

EcoCamps are for saps like yours truly who basically want to sit in grass and write poems about bugs all day, but they’re also for legit adventurers who have good core strength and a first-aid kit in their daypack.

No matter your choice of activity, every visitor ends the day the same way: staring out a skylight at one of the most gobsmacking night skies you’ll ever lay eyes upon.


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