Our New Favorite Hotel Is This Bed on the Side of a Mountain

Also included: farmer butlers

July 14, 2016 9:00 am

Among the many things a hotel prides itself on are vistas: views on views on views you can savor a la carte, no matter where you are on the property.

One hotel so prides itself on its views, in fact, that the sum total of its property is literally nothing but views.

Seriously. Look at it. It’s just a mountainside double bed in the Swiss Alps. A chalet without walls. A field of green with high thread-count sheets.

It’s name: Null Stern Hotel, launched by the brothers Riklin — Frank and Patrik. It’s basically the ultimate Swiss Alps experience.

The same duo who opened a hotel in a former nuclear fallout shelter in the sleepy town of St. Gallen in Northeastern Switzerland, the Riklins’ next trick is a “room” that’s more than 6,000 feet above seal level outlying the Safiental Valley in the mountains of the canton of Grisons.

We say “room” because it’s just a double bed — a double bed with 360-degree views of the Swiss Alps.

One downside: there are no toilets. Gotta snuggle up with Ma Nature for that.

But upside: there are butlers. Specifically, farmer butlers who’ll bring you coffee and “organic salami sandwiches,” which may seem a little random but just go with it because salami sandwiches pair best with open mountain air and maybe a few sheep bleating somewhere in the distance. 

The room is currently fetching around £200 a night. More booking info over at Null Stern’s website.


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