Not Sure Whether It’s a Cabin or a UFO … but You Can Rent One

They're called 'kudhvas' and they stand 20 feet on stilts

November 27, 2017 9:00 am

There are two types of cabin-goers: those who want to shack up in a luxurious timber palace and those who see the cottage as a mere resting place between bouts of outdoor adventure.

If you count yourself among the latter, we’d like to introduce you to Kudhva. Cornish for “hideout,” this rugged 45-acre campsite in a defunct slate quarry in Cornwall features four minimalist cabins on stilts, as well as six tree tents, that are all available to rent.

The kudhvas, as the cabins are also called, stand 20-feet-tall on eight legs, putting them close to the treeline. Climbing up a ladder into the alien-like pods, you’ll find a built-in couch, lofted bed that sleeps two, as well as USB and plug sockets.

Kudhva (4 images)

In the spirit of a true campsite, showers, restrooms and kitchen facilities are centrally located in a building that also houses reception. Of course, trekking with a flashlight to a shared bathroom in the middle of the night is not on anyone’s vacation bucket list, but the communal aspect has overwhelming upsides.

The site provides endless options for exploration, including natural wonders like a quarry swimming hole and waterfall, and the cliffs and caves of Trebarwith Strand. As for man-made activities, there is a hot tub, 150-year-old Engine House, nearby surfing school and roster of events — like the Sunday Service which brings people together for locally sourced food, cocktails and music.

These cabins go for about $152 per night, so next time you find yourself in the U.K., skip the hotel and book a kudhva.


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