Who Wants to Help Us Annex This Completely Bonkers Hawaiian Beach Community?

Bro: They've got an on-call kombucha brewer

October 7, 2016 9:00 am

Ever want a look at the billionaires’ version of a second-home beach house? 

Look no farther than Kohanaiki, on Hawaii’s Big Island — home, as Bloomberg puts it, to “tech entrepreneurs, athletes, and hedge funders.” 

If that’s your idea of a fun crowd, check your bank account. Properties range from $3 million (that’s $1 million each for three bedrooms) to $22.5 million (for a five-bedroom on a prime lot). 

The home, though, is only part of the Kohanaiki experience. 

There’s a Rees Jones golf course. A spa with treatments inspired by local Hawaiian wellness practices. A bowling alley. A clubhouse with wine lockers for storing your own personal favorite bottles. There’s a movie theater, a cigar lounge and an on-site brewer charged, with among other tasks, overseeing the production of kombucha. 

The treats don’t come cheap: on top of the real estate costs, there’s a $100,000 entry fee and a $25,000 annual dues charge. We’re not convinced our Hawaiian holiday (think: tent) is going to be $3 million worse than, say, the hedge funder sitting at the cigar lounge’s. 

But check out the photos below to come to your own conclusion. 


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