Icelandair Just Bought WOW; Book Your Iceland Trip NOW

It's peak aurora huntin' season. But the deals won't last.

November 6, 2018 9:00 am

WOW Air is merging with Icelandair, signaling new days for the airline with the goofy name and notoriously goofy prices. 

Those prices — some as low as $99 from the States to Keflavik, along with steeper fares ferrying travellers all the way to Europe — helped form Iceland’s mid-aughts “You haven’t been there yet?!” label while ushering in preposterous flight deals from other Nordic carriers (see: New York to the UK via Norwegian for sub $400).

But oil is fickle and the battle for Atlantic air space is ongoing. WOW is unable to compete, Icelandair is wavering and they’re banking on this deal helping them both stay afloat. However, that consolidation will inevitably put a halt to the low-cost madness. Which is why you should book your trip now, before they all come to their senses.  

Besides, if you need more coaxing, the next several months are peak Northern Lights season. Also, for our money, Reykjavik is the most underrated drinking city in Europe

For more information on the merger, head here.

h/t The Economist 


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