Grab Your Int’l Driver’s License: More Ferrari Theme Parks Are Coming

You must have this heavy of right foot to ride this ride

By The Editors
April 4, 2016 9:00 am

There are some immutable facts in this life.

One of them states — however unfortunately — that not every man will get to drive a Ferrari before he dies.

Even though we all very much deserve to.

Having realized this, the kindly folks at Ferrari have announced plans to open a third amusement park centered around the iconic automaker’s vehicles in China.

Ferrari, Beijing Automotive Group and BAIC Eternaland Property signed an agreement last week regarding the “design, construction and operation of a new Ferrari theme park to be located in one of the primary cities in mainland China.”

While Ferrari — which opened Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and plans to open Ferrari Land at Port Aventura amusement park near Barcelona later this year — hasn’t announced a site for the new park yet, odds are it will be a doozy considering the first park already boasts the world’s fastest roller coaster and is the only venue to in the world to house four Michelin-starred Italian chefs under one roof.

Formula Rossa POV – World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Ferrari World Abu Dhabi UAE Onride 7:36

Nota bene: that coaster above — the Formula Rossa — has the same G force one would feel after driving an F1 and braking at max speed.

Once the park open, tourists can combine a visit to Ferrari China with a trip to Legoland, Disney Resort or the Communist Party theme park.

The kids won’t soon forget it.


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