Postcards from the Pledge

By The Editors
June 4, 2012 9:00 am

In the jet age ’50s, highway travelers would write postcards from the road extolling their country’s beauty, e.g., “Wish you were here. At this teal-painted cinderblock motel. It is so very awesome.”

Yes it was. Get that kind of personalized, from-the-road missive with Going Nowhere, a Kickstarter-funded project just now kicking into high gear.

[callout] … buy unique postcards from their road trip [/callout]

Going Nowhere is a travelogue from Andrew Kenney and Jake Jones — two Brooklyn photographers taking a three-month road trip to all 50 states. They left on Saturday.

Andrew and Jake are, of course, documenting the trip, and you can follow the journey using the interactive photo map on their site.

If you like what you see, you can buy a set of postcards from their travels. Each postcard image will reveal “the places inbetween, the interesting spots where you wouldn’t otherwise go,” say the photogs.

The postcards will arrive in September, after Andrew and Jake have completed their journey, and they’ve returned to Brooklyn. And the comfort of their own beds. Which, after three months on the road, will be so very awesome.


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