Seats on the New Four Seasons Jet Will Not Be Cheap

Over-the-top luxury. Coming to a tarmac near you.

Seats on the New Four Seasons Jet Will Not Be Cheap

Four Seasons, in case you didn’t know, has operated a private jet service for five years. Its Boeing 757 acts as a shuttle between its different resort locations around the globe, ensuring its passengers eat, sleep and breathe exclusively Four Seasons luxury for an entire month. The next trip, slated for February-March 2020, is called “International Intrigue.” And it’ll visit, in order: Seattle, Kyoto, Hoi An, Maldives, Serengeti, Marrakech, Budapest, St. Petersburg and Paris.

Hell of a lineup. Unsurprisingly, the series has been a rousing success thus far. But ever in search of perfection, Four Seasons is upgrading to a bigger plane.

Starting in 2021, Four Seasons will host passengers on an A321LR Airbus. The A321LR dwarfs the 757, allowing Four Seasons to bring more space and luxury onboard — think seats designed by a Turin furniture-maker, and a gallery for workshops with master chefs. There will also now be a revamped common area for guests to interact.

Just as important, though, the bigger plane will allow for longer trips, and from there a more flexible or ambitious flight schedule. That “LR” in A321LR denotes a plane’s long-haul range; last year saw the dawn of ultra-long flights, and Four Seasons is right to keep with the times. A direct flight from, say, Hawaii to Florence could be possible, and if you’re going to attempt one as a paying passenger, it might as well be from the comfort of a Four Seasons private jet.

As for estimated costs of riding the new plane? $150K a seat. Start saving now.


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