‘Hostel’ Doesn’t Begin to Describe This Floating Caribbean Eco-Resort

Cerveza, shellfish, SUP-ing ... and no wifi

September 4, 2018 9:00 am

Good traveling tip?

Take your hostels floating, when possible.

Casa en el Agua takes this credo seriously; an eco-hostel not far from Colombia’s San Bernardo Islands, The Casa is a former holiday home turned Caribbean Sea playground, perfect for your next whatever-you-want-to-make-it weekend with some pals. Built on a concrete foundation, The Casa resembles a tiki bar that sort of lazily drifted off to sea … and acts like it too. There’s a bar on board serving up cocktails and ice cold cervezas, along with a steady supply of lobster, cod and octopus each day for eats.

the casa (6 images)

As for that “eco” prefix? The hostel installed solar panels that provide the wooden house most of its energy, collects rainwater for daily bucket showers and proactively shorea up trash from the surrounding ocean. Not to mention, the hostel is literally located in a national park — 465 square miles of corals, mangroves and vibrant fish that need to be protected.   

During your stay, expect SUP boarding, snorkeling and diving during the day, bioluminescent plankton and stargazing to take in at night and scores of local islands and beaches for a break from the tiki barge whenever you feel like it. (Definitely make sure to see Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island on earth). And remember, crucially — there’s no Wifi at the hostel. You’re setting an unequivocal auto-reply for the week. That’s a good thing.

Find more information on booking here. You can secure a hammock for a little as $23 a night, or take a private room with a king bed for $75. Spend the leftover cash on a cocktail. Or seven.


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