Can You Take CBD With You When Traveling for the Holidays?

Your destination is the key factor here

If you're traveling with CBD this holiday season, you might want to do some research before going to the airport.
Bluebird Botanicals

The second half of December is now upon us, which means that millions of Americans will be flying somewhere for the holidays. The overlap between the millions of Americans readying for holiday travel and the millions of Americans using CBD is no small number, and it begs the question: if you fly with your CBD product of choice, are you taking a risk? 

A new report by Amanda Hoover at delves into this very question. “If your holiday gift haul includes CBD oils, tinctures, lotions and gummies, you can take those to friends and family around the United States,” Hoover writes. 

Assumably, this also applies to your own supply of CBD — which, depending on how stressful your holidays are, might be just the right way to deal with heated familial discussions about politics or sports. 

Hoover notes that the real problem with traveling with CBD comes when you’re flying overseas. The US State Department issued an advisory to this effect; there’s no single list of all nations’ policies about CBD, but information on its status is available on the State Department’s page for a given country. 

The ups and downs of traveling with CBD are similar to, albeit much less heightened than, the questions that can arise when traveling with legally purchased marijuana. There are plenty of complexities surrounding both substances; if you’re planning to fly with either, taking time to research the relevant guidelines is a must. 

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