How Much Would You Pay to “Get Lost” in the Middle of Nowhere?

Life-altering mystery vacations, via Black Tomato

October 3, 2017 9:00 am

Hey, remember when you said something about finding yourself?

Luxury tour operator Black Tomato wants to take you at your word.

But first, you have to Get Lost. Literally. That’s what their new program is called.

Just launched, Get Lost is built for solo adventure. You’ll be taken out of your comfort zone, disconnected from the world and placed in a remote polar, jungle, desert, mountain or coastal environment.

Why? It’s their take on the adage, “Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself.”

Now, this isn’t survival school. Or The Most Dangerous Game.

Black Tomato (8 images)

You’ll be able to (minimally) customize the level of escapism they want to experience — clients are matched with a Get Lost Travel Expert for consultation, who will plan out the experience based on your stated needs (personal goals, how the traveler wants to feel, preferred environment, etc.). If needed, Black Tomato will also conduct training sessions for appropriate wilderness survival skills and local customs.

But until you arrive, you won’t know the countries you’ll be traveling to (or through).  

Once you arrive at your destination (via private jet or helicopter), you’ll be outfitted with tracking gear, survival equipment and maps. From there, you’ll be monitored by BT’s staff, who will keep watch from a safe distance.

“There will be dedicated Get Lost travel experts that will be available for 24/7 support via a satellite phone,” says Black Tomato co-founder Tom Marchant. “While they will be out of sight, Get Lost travelers will have our team tracking their progress and checking-in along the way to assist in any way.”

As well, travelers will reach daily targets/markers set by Black Tomato to help guide them on their way and to ensure they’re on the right route.

While Marchant was — unsurprisingly — mum on destinations, he did mention that an unexpected trip could land you in Mongolia, where you “might learn the indigenous practice of hunting with eagles in the highest mountain range, master off-road driving, learn key phrases in Mongolian, ride horses, scale glaciers, build shelters and navigate the extreme landscape.”

And when you finish, they throw you a giant party. “Something deeply personal and indulgent.”

A compass might be nice.


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