No One’s Gonna Bother You on This $100K Per Night Private Island

A secluded new Philippines resort where "pleasure is infinite"

Banwa Private Island
You'll need a helicopter to hit this private Philippine island (Banwa Private Island)

Look, $33 million is a bit much for a private island, even if Bruce Willis owned it.

You just need a taste of the good life. So try Banwa.

A secluded isle southwest of Manila, Banwa is a new private island resort that costs $100K per night; however, as the property claims, the “pleasure is infinite.”

So what does infinite pleasure look like? Six beachfront villas with floor-to-ceiling windows, each with its own infinity pool and Jacuzzi deck. An on-island restaurant where the food is locally grown and sourced. Nearby leisure activities such as tennis, yoga, Pilates and island-style golf. And a temperature that rarely dips below 86 degrees.

Plus, you’ll have access to an on-site spa and juice bar (note: this is more about well-being than hedonism), as well as a wildlife expert who can help you explore the surrounding fauna. For navigating the surrounding 1,780 islands in the Palawan archipelago, charter one of the resort’s catamarans and be sure to take your time out in the water — it’s a perfect place to dive, snorkel and jet ski.

Bored of the island life? Hop on a helicopter to check out nearby scenery — including the Underground River, a UNESCO New 7 Wonders of the World designee.

Speaking of choppers, you’ll need to get one from the Philippines to get to Banwa. You can contact the resort about reservations and travel arrangements here.

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