Anthony Bourdain’s Graphic Novel “Get Jiro!” Will Be Adapted for TV

Adult Swim is readying an animated series based on the comics

Anthony Bourdain attends the Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose "Get Jiro!" launch party
Anthony Bourdain attends the Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose "Get Jiro!" Book Launch Party at Les Halles Downtown in 2012.
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The late Anthony Bourdain’s rise to fame came in part from his candid and personable demeanor when hosting shows like No Reservations and Parts Unknown. But those were only part of the full scope of Bourdain’s connection to the small screen; there’s also the matter of the short-lived 2005 adaptation of Kitchen Confidential starring a young Bradley Cooper, for instance. Now, a very different work of Bourdain’s is coming to television. How different? Well, to start with, it’ll be airing on Adult Swim.

At The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Gajewski reports that Adult Swim is readying an animated series based on Bourdain’s Get Jiro! graphic novel, a 2012 collaboration with co-writer Joel Rose and artist Langdon Foss. The show’s first season has been greenlit by the network.

Bourdain and Rose reteamed a few years later for a sequel, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi, this time with Alé Garza on art, as well as a horror-infused anthology comic. Get Jiro! was set in a near-future Los Angeles in which the lines between the food industry and organized crime have blurred, with the titular chef caught between warring factions.

The Get Jiro! animated series will be headed by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. The duo have an interesting array of past credits, including the recent thriller Sharper, the cult comedy Comrade Detective and Dice, a 2015 show in which Andrew Dice Clay played a fictionalized version of himself.

In 2015, Bourdain and Rose discussed the likelihood of Get Jiro! being adapted in an interview with Eater. “[F]or broad appeal, to essentially have a Japanese superhero — I think that would be great,” Bourdain said — and offered one bit of casting advice. “Takeshi Kitano; man, there’s no one cooler. He’s a little older now, but he would have been perfect for this.”

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It’s worth noting here that Get Jiro!‘s overlap of crime fiction and the culinary world was something of a homecoming for Bourdain. Kitchen Confidential was not his first book; that distinction goes to Bone in the Throat, a 1995 crime novel about a young chef whose career takes him into the path of organized crime. With that in mind, Get Jiro! looks less and less like an outlier in Bourdain’s bibliography — and soon enough, it’ll be making its debut in a new medium.

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