Well Suited

By The Editors
September 24, 2012 9:00 am

Among a man’s sartorial constants — always button your jacket; blingy cuff links should be left to Russian oligarchs and Chicago commodities traders, etc. — we present this for consideration: if you want to look handsomely relaxed this fall, get yourself a silk-and-wool blend suit.

And here’s the one you want.

Fashion seers say grey is this fall’s primary color, but you can stand out with a two-button brown cashmere suit from Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli who, fun fact, started his company working out of a castle in the little town of Solomeo.

Cucinelli’s suit is a nifty bit of sartorial splendor: the tobacco tone makes it the sort of suit you can take on a leisurely stroll or lounge in with a single malt in hand, but it’s distinguished enough to wear in the boardroom. If brown isn’t your bag, BC has also launched a series of stylishly bold pinstriped suits (classy) and houndstooth flannel suits (bad-assy).

Now, what to wear over that suit.

Men’s custom clothier J. Hilburn just partnered with the renowned Italian fabric mill Loro Piana (whose expertise with wool dates back to the 19th century) to produce a gorgeous, lightweight navy reversible coat ($695), made from 100% virgin wool and bonded with proprietary “Storm System Fabrics,” i.e., in non-wonk parlance, it’s both rain-resistant and windproof.

Also available: the slightly tapered The Driving Coat, complete with extra pockets, for travel-y items like passports, iPhones and, presumably, driving ($595). Whatever suits your needs.

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