If Elon Musk Designed a Dress Shirt….

Stainproof. Sweatproof. Science-y.

By The Editors
March 24, 2015 9:00 am

Growing up, we were (briefly) obsessed with something called Hypercolor, a T-shirt that changed appearance with body heat.

Kinda neat. Entirely pointless.

Really awkward when we forget to slap on some Right Guard.

Today, we’d kill for the opposite. A shirt that would never betray us due to spills and/or sweat.

That day is here: Vardama, a new line of stain-proof shirts, available now.

On the surface, Vardama’s a solid fit for your wardrobe: classic button-ups made from soft Egyptian cotton. Breathable. Nice details, like contrasting collars and cuffs.

But dig beneath the appearance: their baked-in, proprietary tech makes ‘em completely stain-proof.

So they say.

We tested it out.

Answer: yep.

Water, beer, coffee, wine — all of it just rolls off or wicks away.

No stains. (For thicker spills, like a sauce, just douse with water and wipe it off.)

Bonus: no one’ll ever you see sweat. Plus, you can dry clean ‘em just like any other dress shirt.

Vardama also does suits and ties. Pants, T-shirts and jackets “coming soon.”

Don’t sweat the details.

Nota bene: Randomly, we tried out a new water-resistant chino the same day from ourCaste called the Paul D.W.R. Different tech, same dry results. Here’s to style that repels … for the right reasons.

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