Trade Secrets

By The Editors
February 15, 2013 9:00 am

In the last Indiana Jones film — which we’ll fondly refer to as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Worst Movie Ever” — there was exactly one intriguing set piece: an enormous warehouse filled with esoteric wonders from antiquity.

We found that warehouse. And you can buy everything.

Welcome to Bureau of Trade, relaunching today.

You may remember BoT — a global discovery engine for discerning guys started by a foreign-policy-wonk-cum-worldly-curator.

But now, BoT is selling those same affordable rarities themselves, with witty descrips from their ace writers. The first collection: Continental Rift. The highlights:

10-X Shooting Jacket, $87

BoT: We firmly believe that a 10-X shooting jacket is the perfect article of clothing to wear when forced to fly coach.

Soviet-Era Watch by Pobeda, $75
Suitable for:  Comrades in arms.
Not suitable for: Double agents.

WWI Gas Mask Lamp, $1350
Suitable for:  Providing the ‘warm light of preparedness.’
Not suitable for: Actually surviving a mustard gas attack.

Plus, a unique collection of tribal spears and shields, Serengeti scarves, canvas bush vests and classic aviation eyewear, all presented via a series of engaging essays, stories and Wes Anderson-y short films.

Happily, you’ll find nary a nuke-proof fridge.

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