Deal: This Todd Snyder Fleece Used to Be $198, Now It’s Just $64

"Raisin" just became the official color of fall 2020

Todd Snyder and Champion Full Zip Polartec Fleece Jacket in raisin
Everyone could use another fleece. This one's 67% off.
Todd Snyder

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Raisins, on the whole, get a bad rap. Raisin Bran Crunch, that animated R&B group the California Raisins, rum raisin ice cream — some of the best things in life owe it all to those shriveled up grape morsels. But the best of all has got to be this Polartec fleece from Todd Snyder and Champion that’s 67% off in, you guessed it, the color “raisin.” 

This is truly an anomaly: a classic Todd Snyder fleece jacket in a perfectly versatile autumn color that’s on super sale and available in all sizes from XS to XXL. I mean, I can fully understand you not wanting to buy it at the original price of $198, but at $64? It’s a no-brainer, people. 

Don’t take it from me, take it from verified reviewer Blake: “This is by far the best fleece I’ve owned. I’m 5’10” 155lbs. and a medium is perfect. The cuffs are tight but in a good way, this thing really wants to keep you warm. I want one in every color.” Well, raisin is what we’ve got, so let’s be happy it’s still available as we hit October (aka prime fleece season). 

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