This Is the Perfect Last-Minute Gift for the Woman in Your Life

Order by the 21st and receive it by the 24th

This 'Diamonds Line' necklace from Mejuri is a no-brainer
This 'Diamonds Line' necklace from Mejuri is a no-brainer

Not to send you into panic mode or anything, but Christmas is just six (six!) days away. We’re sure you’ve probably been agonizing over what to get the woman in your life, and that’s why you’ve put off getting her a gift for so long. But before you rush out and get some lousy gift card, or shell out copious amounts of money on something she’ll probably hate, take a deep breath, relax and buy this necklace. Jewelry always seems like a thoughtful (and well-planned) gift, and this 14k gold piece from Mejuri is understated enough that even if you’re oblivious to her jewelry preferences, she’s bound to love it. And what’s not to love? It’s daintiness makes it perfect for everyday wear while the diamonds add a sufficient amount of sparkle. Plus, if you order by December 21st, it’ll arrive by the 24th, just in time. So, you’re welcome.

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