The Little Black Tie Book: Semi-Formal

All your questions about what to wear to a wedding, answered

By The Editors
April 24, 2017 9:00 am

The Invite Says:


The Invite Says:


Premium Gray Sharkskin Suit
by Indochino $399 

Shantung Woven Silk Tie by Darke’s $160 
Dover Derby Shoe by Edward Green $1,460 
Italia Dress Shirt by Isaia $495 
Pocket Square by The Tie Bar $10 
Master Control Date Watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre $5,700

Where’s the suit from?

What kind of wedding can I wear this to?

Any wedding that’s not A) on a beach, B) in a courthouse or C) black-tie exclusive.

Who’s it for?

Men who want a seasonal refresher without a prohibitively expensive price tag. If you’re a plus one, this is a nice snazzy-but-not-garish option.

Is grey a summer color?

Nah. It’s a neutral year-round color. But the right color grey — ahem, two-toned textured grays like you see above — bestows its wearer a more al fresco look.

How do I mix in patterns to my suit?

In a word: balance. If you’re going to wear a shirt with bold stripes, let the other areas of your outfit be a retreat for the eyes.

It looks hot. How do I stay cool? 

Pocket squares — which should echo the colors of the rest of your ensemble — are more than just a decorative kick. Use ‘em to pat your brow.

How should I pocket my pocket square?

There really is no “correct” way. Simply fold it four ways and let it peek from the chest, like this.

Anything else I should keep in my pocket?

A few mints. A flask if you want to be a hero.

I should probably shine my shoes, right? 

Before and after, yep. With a shine kit. Like this one. Watch this video first.


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