The Interiors of These Handsome Briefcases Were Inspired by Neckties

Peek inside for some fun patterns. Then pay half the price.

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It’s rare to look inside a briefcase and feel joy. Dread or despondence, sure. But Daniel’s has found a way to make your work day (and general life outlook) a little brighter.

The New York brand’s Model No. 1 100% Brazilian leather briefcase features patterned interior linings, which draw inspiration from men’s neckties. So you’ll open your well-organized satchel — which features dedicated interior slots for your phone, business cards, newspaper, laptop and pens — and be greeted with a charming fox or sailboat motif.

It’s the little things that’ll get you through the day, people.

There are also some nice little design perks here, including an interior key hook, magnetic tab closures and an interior zippered pocket for a passport.

The best detail? The price. These guys are direct-to-consumer, so they’re cutting out the middleman and you’re paying about half the price you’d expect to pay.

Bonus: Having a briefcase in general means you look classy and you’ll avoid the back sweat and suit wrinkling caused by a backpack.


Photos: Daniel’s.

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