The Best Vintage and Retro Ballcap Shops on the Internet

From authentic ‘80s ballcaps to the nostalgia-rich brands that imitate them

September 23, 2019 12:41 pm
best vintage hat shops
Put one of these hats on if you want to look cooler this fall

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We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that each one of you reading this article has a head. We’re also going to assume that from time to time, you put things on that head. 

Now, you may be inclined to reach for wide brims or flat caps or fedoras — all of which have had a renaissance in recent years — but if we’re being honest, most of us can’t pull those off, nor should we try. 

Vintage baseball-style caps, on the other hand, can be deployed to devastating effect by just about anyone. Whether you’re looking to declare allegiance to a team, show your friends that you were, in fact, cool before they knew you, or just want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, they really can’t be beat.

For example, growing up in Cleveland, I found a bright orange corduroy Cavaliers hat in my parent’s basement. If I wore it daily I would look like a damn fool. But donned on special occasions? All I can say is that it’s a good thing I have that hat on to protect me from all the compliments that tend to rain down upon me.

While vintage hats can obviously be found at your local thrift store, there is a better, easier way, and it’s called the internet. Below, we’ve rounded up the best places around the web to buy vintage and/or vintage-inspired hats.

vintage apres ski hats crested butte
Via Vintage Après Ski Hats

Vintage Après Ski Hats
Since they don’t offer much in the way of warmth or protection, you probably don’t want to wear these when you’re actually skiing. But during après or standing over your grill, these authentic vintage caps bearing the insignia of the world’s best ski resorts work great thanks to their pastel colors and geometric logos. Click here for Crested Butte [pictured above], Taos, Aspen, Copper Mountain and Purgatory, or search “Vintage Apres” on Amazon.

keena kaps herbie
The Herbie cap (Via Keena Kaps)

Keena Kaps
This Etsy shop sells vintage trucker-style hats for gents of every stripe and color. Think everything from Busch Light to Nixon for President designs.

retro vintage dope mighty ducks
A vintage Mighty Ducks hat (Via Retro Vintage Dope)

Retro Vintage Dope
Another Etsy store that stocks an abundance of vintage gear, most of which appears to be one of a kind rather than dead stock. You can find some gems in here, and you can also expect to be the only guy at the bar wearing one.

yesterdays attic atlanta hawks
A vintage dead-stock Atlanta Hawks cap (Via Yesterday’s Attic)

Yesterday’s Attic
If you’re looking for vintage gear from a specific pro sports team, Yesterday’s Attic is the place to find it. They have multiple styles available for most NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA teams.

F As In Frank Vintage
The online arm of a popular Canadian vintage shop with shops in Vancouver and Toronto also functions as a wholesaler if you’re looking to buy for the whole squad. But if you’re just looking for yourself, you’re also in luck, as they stock a wide range of pop-culture styles — from Animaniacs to COPS — as well as plenty of sports gear. 

ebbets field new orleans pelicans 1942
A 1942 New Orleans Pelicans cap (Via Ebbets Field)

Ebbets Field
These aren’t exactly vintage hats as much as they are high-quality recreations of them. Ebbets field is one of the best in the business at turning out historic replicas of bygone uniforms, and everything is entirely handcrafted, from their flannel baseball jerseys to their wool and cotton ballcaps.

mitchell & ness patriots vintage cap
Vintage New England Patriots Cap

Mitchell & Ness
Similar to Ebbets Field, Mitchell & Ness is known for their high-quality throwback gear, as well as new designs that are simply retro-inspired.

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