These Custom Safes Are Just as Handsome as Whatever You’re Keeping Inside

Watches? Guns? Car keys? There's room for all that.

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

The first place a woman with expensive jewelry goes when she walks into a hotel room?

The safe. She goes to the safe, unloads her spoils and turns the key.

Which begs the question: If you own a $15-20,000 watch, why don’t you do the same thing? Hell, why don’t you do that every day, including in the safety of your own home?

The answer is that if you aren’t already, you obviously should.

Luckily, industry vet Casoro just launched the Kairos, a line of custom safes designed specifically for the items that men want to protect and insure: watches, guns, passports, keys to collectible cars and getaway cash.

Made of 3¼” steel, these tough guys will fit nicely in your closet, and each size is named after one of the world’s great summits — like the 62” K2 or the 22” Eiger.

You can customize the interiors with composite laminate shelves or rows of watch holders, which come with Orbita watch winders to keep them running and ready for wear. And the LED lighting will make everything look razor sharp once you open the door. With biometric fingerprint locks and steel that can withstand 1,850-degree fires for up to two hours, Kairos is guaranteed to keep your valuables safe from outsiders, including your kids.

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