Deal: Skip the Boring Bomber Jacket, Get Taylor Stitch’s for 50% Off

The Inverness in olive is the layer you’ve been looking for

Taylor Stitch Inverness Bomber Jacket
Is the Inverness your typical bomber jacket? No. Is it the one you should buy? Yes.
Taylor Stitch

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If I say “bomber jacket,” a certain image pops into your head. It’s probably black, it probably has a sheen to it, more about the silhouette than anything else. The Inverness from Taylor Stitch is decidedly not that image, and for that reason alone, you should seriously consider picking it up.

Another reason: The distinctive bomber is currently 50% off in just about every size. Maybe it’s the olive color that put it in the sale section? Well, your fall closet of blacks and greys could use some green to change things up a bit. Or maybe most guys don’t feel confident enough to rock the quilted fabric? As for that, it’s sewn from 100% recycled polyester, so you can wear it knowing it didn’t put as much of a strain on the environment as its lesser brethren. 

Plus, Taylor Stitch exclusively deals in clothes that pair classic silhouettes with intriguing construction and hard-wearing materials. Every fall you’ll see men wearing brand new black bomber jackets, but if you grab this on sale while you can, you’ll be wearing (and standing out in) the Inverness for years to come.

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