The Seven Essential Items for Your Spring Wardrobe

Does “Don Draper in Italy” sound good to you?

February 16, 2017 9:00 am

We’ll make this simple:

Spring can’t get here fast enough.

And you have nothing to wear. (Seriously. We checked. #creepyguyinyourcloset.)

So look to Suitsupply, our favorite one-stop-shop for all a man’s dressing staples, now taking preorders for the warmer climes ahead.

We asked our style director, Danny Agnew, to pick out his seven favorites from their spring line, from an off-white linen suit to a comfy slipper/shoe hybrid to something he convincingly describes as “Don Draper in Italy.”

The Suit: “While I firmly believe that every single man planning to venture into warmer climes should own an off-white linen suit, I do empathize with “but those wrinkles though” concerns. Your solution: a silk/linen/wool blend that beats the heat sans rumples.”

The Shoe: “Half slipper, half shoe, all summertime ease. Suede keeps it luxe, navy keeps it versatile. You keep it real.”

The Knit: “It shocks me that more guys aren’t on the knit polo train — it’s almost like y’all DON’T want to look like Don Draper in Italy.”

The Blazer: “I own this blazer and I swear to God it is more breathable than most of the athletic wear in my arsenal. Plus, I went into a swimming pool wearing it once and it totally survived with aplomb.”

The Shirt: “This ‘navy’ (see: washed blue) is excellent because it works equally well dressed down like a rich man’s chambray or with a tie under that linen blend suit you just bought.”

The Trousers: “Look at these things! From three feet away playing like the most versatile grey on the color wheel and then BAM! You take a closer look and they’ve got more personality than Richard Simmons on uppers.”

The Jacket: “Buy this sucker and then wear it just like this — jaunty summer feels with a healthy dose of military punch.”

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