Suitsupply Wants You to Dress Like Gordon Gekko and Pat Bateman

The ‘80s yuppie is back. His clothes, at least.

October 24, 2017 9:00 am

It’s been 30 years since Black Monday.

The fallout from that day can still be felt.

In fashion, it meant the demise of the power suit and the rise of a more relaxed man about town.

Suitsupply, for one, has had enough.

Their new collection, “Revenge of the Yuppies” unabashedly channels Gordon Gekko and Pat Bateman with a line of room-commanding three-piece suits, double-breasted jackets and suspenders.

Oh, and don’t forget the translucent raincoat.

Everything about the collection is cocksure, from the blazer-and-turtleneck combo to the kicker: “The ubiquitous hipster has had his day.” It’s the ninth collection from Jort Kelder, Suitsupply’s “in-house sartorial historian,” and accordingly has enough finesse to elevate the clothes from gimmick to a potential sartorial game-changer.

Here are a few of our favorites. They’ll make you look less like you’re channeling Christian Bale for Halloween and more like a modern-day deal-closer.

Double-Breasted Suit
This double-breasted, peaked-lapel number has more than a few flourishes that’ll turn casual suit buyers away, and for good reason: they’re easy to screw up. But the dark navy and chalk stripe keep these details subdued. Similarly, the slim fit and narrow shoulder make for a look that can back up the saying, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

Light Grey Overcoat
It’s not as easy to pull off as darker colors, or even our recommended camel, but this light jacket — as with the entire collection — isn’t for the gun-shy. That said, the 100% Italian cashmere coat will keep you warm through a winter of late nights at the office and after-work business dinners.

Blue Stripe Suit and Suspenders
Suspenders can look cheap and childish, unless worn correctly. You won’t have that problem with these silk-and-leather versions, especially when paired with the can’t-go-wrong blue-striped suit and red tie. Just keep it waist-length — you don’t want to call to mind less illustrious businessmen.

Transparent Raincoat
There’s no one arguing Patrick Bateman was a good guy. But there’s also no one arguing he was a poorly dressed guy. The most iconic item from that story is, of course, the translucent raincoat. Suitsupply’s take is limited edition and likely to sell out quick. And although it’s handsome as all get-out, get ready to be questioned about it constantly.

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