Suits All Needs

A new wardrobe for 2016, in one sitting

By The Editors
December 17, 2015 9:00 am

Your resolution for the new year will inevitably involve looking and feeling better.

Good news: Suitable, the one-stop shop for perfect-fitting suits, shirts and tuxes, can knock out the first part of that equation right now.

To achieve that perfect fit, Suitable gives users three options. if you’re in New York, head into their showroom for a consultation. If not, they can arrange you a virtual fitting or hook you up with an at-home, DIY video guide to taking your own measurements. An option to work with a network of measuring partners across the country is also in the pipeline.

Suitable takes 27 measurements in all — far more comprehensive than the usual 15 or so that a standard tailor uses — via machines and algorithms that cut garments to your unique specifications. “It’s a one-time thing, so you don’t have to change the data in case we launch a different product,” says Li.

As for those garments: Suitable’s narrowed down their selection to a few basics (mostly suits and shirts) done up impeccably. Each item offers a unique feature: e.g., a white shirt with a minimalist collar so it doesn’t require a tie, or a suit jacket with a slightly shorter jacket length and lower button stance so you can wear it as a separate.

(Side note: That white shirt was inspired by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, hence the name “Dorsey Shirt.” No formal endorsement as of yet.)

Prices are smart, too: shirts are $145, suits start at about $600, and they offer handsome deals for wedding tuxes (you’ll need those come spring).

Coming up next: tailored joggers, aka dressy sweatpants made from suiting material and rocking an elastic cuff on the bottoms and tops. Limited edition and arriving this week, these come in a navy cashmere/wool blend or wool with a jacquard pattern.

Works equally well with sneakers or paired with a blazer.

Also coming up over the next few weeks: additional suit and shirt colorways, as well a deconstructed blazer in navy and black for effortless to mix-and-matching.

As for your old suit: when you get your new one, ship your prior formal wares back in the same box, and Suitable will pass them along to CareerGear, a non-profit that helps low-income men have the right tools to re-enter the workforce.

Easy way to start the new year off with some do-gooding.

And good-looking.

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